About Nascar Fans View and Rusty Norman

Hi, my name is Rusty Norman and I want to welcome you to Just A Fan’s View.

I know you can go just about anywhere and find out about NASCAR from the drivers’ or the crew chiefs’ and commentators’ point of view and I think that is great, but that’s not what you will find here. What you will find here is a view of NASCAR Racing, in particular, MENCS racing from “Just A Fan’s View”.

Look, I’m a NASCAR fan and I raced stock cars at the local tracks in our area for years. That doesn’t make me an expert, but it does mean I like to talk about racing and I like to talk about NASCAR racing and I do relate to it because I have been in the drivers seat.

Admittedly, I never went racing in the “big leagues”, but I did build my own cars and I did win more than one championship while racing at our local tracks. I loved racing then and my love for NASCAR racing has spanned over many years and has only increased over that time.

I give an opinion of the races from my view as a fan before they happen from my perspective. Now you don’t have to just read them because I also read them to you in a form of podcast, better described as a “blog/cast”, simply because I want to make it easy for you to see what I really meant when I wrote it down. (Just click on the play button above very article…)

Once again, this is Russ and I’d like to thank you for visiting today. Come back and visit us often here at Just A Fan’s View and tell a friend where to find us!!!