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The 2020 NASCAR Bush Clash from a NASCAR Fan’s View


Well… it’s that time again. Time for NASCAR to take it to the track at Daytona. For many, it has been a long wait and for others… well… let’s just say time flies… As for me, the time has flown by and I just can’t believe it’s time for another NASCAR season to begin. Not that I’m not looking forward to it… I just can’t believe it’s time to go for 38 weeks of racing again already.

There are a lot of things I hear people repeat over and over again and I guess I’ll join the crowd and say a few of them. First is the obvious statements of the year we are entering dealing with 2020. Some have said it is a year of clearer vision (of course relating to 20/20 vision.) Then there is the fact we are entering into a new decade. Some say it is a time of new beginnings or possibly even a new start for some and the end of an era for others.

One thing is certain. The 2020 season is starting off with a lot of changes. The Chevys are starting off with a new Camaro. (Well… at least, re-designed at the front and rear.) The Penske teams have swapped drivers and crew chiefs around and it remains to be seen how well that works for them. The SHR teams have welcomed a new driver and let Daniel Suarez go. Jimmie Johnson is making this season his last full-time season racing full time in NASCAR Cup.

Even the cars have a new rules package, different than last year’s at Daytona. That should make life interesting for some, or all, of the drivers competing in the Clash and yes, even in the 500 next weekend. No matter how you look at it, that is a lot of changes and there is a lot going on all around the NASCAR Cup garage as well as with the NASCAR Cup teams.

So far, there is a lot going on but not a lot to talk about when it comes to the Bush Clash taking place this weekend. Well, that is if you don’t want to talk about the things I just mentioned. Most of what I’ve already said has been said over and over again for the last couple of weeks in particular. I don’t want to keep on talking about the things that others have covered again and again and almost worn out the talking points. It is customary for me to regularly offer my opinion and predictions for the coming race and I’m having trouble finding much new to talk about. That doesn’t mean there is nothing new to talk about. It just means others have covered them completely and quite well.

When it comes to the Bush Clash, It is always an exciting race and it gives us as fans a good look at how the 500 will go. So I’ll just keep this short and say, “I’ll have more to say about everything next week and weekend when we have the duals and the big one, the Daytona 500.” Until then, I’ll be watching and absorbing all I can so I can better talk about the Daytona 500 from this NASCAR Fan’s View.

See ya next time…
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