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  • Welcome NASCAR fans To 2012 and Just A Fan’s View

    Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to Just A Fan’s View. I do hope you all had a great Christmas and over-all great holiday time, but it is time to get back to NASCAR racing. Sure, I know the regular season stuff doesn’t start for another month, but, the NASCAR Cup teams have already…

  • Merry Christmas NASCAR fans!!!

    We Can’t Wait For the New Season To Start… We’re headed into the new year with enthusiasm… Be There For It!!! Need Royalty Free Music for your projects? Click here to signup for Two Buck Themes!

  • Nascar Fans View – Our New Site – Is Up and Running

    We’ve moved to our new site! This site will be available for the forseeable future, but we are transitioning most everything to the new site WE SURE HOPE YOU LIKE THE CHANGE and changes… We have a lot of plans for the near and distant future. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK – WE DEFINITELY…