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Who Will Come Out On Top At Texas Motor Speedway   

From a NASCAR Fan’s View

There is a real battle going on in NASCAR Cup these days. It isn’t a battle being fought with weapons of war but a battle for which of the top NASCAR Cup teams will come out on top of heap. So far this battle has been mostly between the Hendrick teams and the Toyotas, in particular the Toyotas of the Gibbs and 23XI teams or twenty-three eleven depending on how you look at it. There is a chance even though it is not expected a Ford could come out on top this weekend and show they are ready to join in the fray. Except for a few bright spots, the Fords have really been struggling in this 2024 NASCAR Cup season.

Kyle Larson won his third pole in a row and has quietly driven his way to being the present leader in the points even though two other drivers have multiple wins. Ty Gibbs starts on the front row in his JGR Toyota and he and Larson were the fastest in practice and qualifying. In fact, both have fast cars and both have to figure into the mix to win when the final flag drops today.

But wait a minute. There are other fast cars in the lineup and five of the top ten starters are Toyotas of JGR and 23XI Racing. There are three Fords and two Hendrick Chevys. Of course, those two HMS Chevys are Larson’s and William Byron’s.

The Fords of Chase Briscoe and Ryan Blaney start fifth and seventh respectively and they figure high on my list of those that could win. Austin Cindric is right there with Blaney starting in eighth.

The Toyota teams have shown up with speed once again and they are looking to show not all of their speed shows up just in qualifying but in longer runs, too. That could mean a lot when it comes down to the final laps. Christopher Bell and Tyler Reddick are starting in row two and Tyler Reddick did show very good long-run speed. In fact, he was one of the best in fastest long runs. Will he be the one the rest are chasing for the win when it comes down to the final laps? From this fan’s view, that is a very real possibility. Martin Truex Jr. and Bubba Wallace, starting ninth and tenth, both have shown they have a good chance at going for the win by past performance and the speed in their Toyotas.

I know I only mentioned the top ten starters in the lineup for starters but there are other fast cars in the eleventh through twentieth starting spots. Denny Hamlin has shown a lot of consistent speed in these opening weeks of the 2024 season and, even though he is starting eleventh today, there is very little doubt he will be pressing for the win when it comes down to the finish.

Ross Chastain starts twelfth and is the first of six Chevys starting in the top twenty. I could go on and on in comparing possible top performers for the race today and even a few dark horses. Not all of them would be from the top performing teams either.

There are those that have been struggling in this early part of the 2024 season but could turn their season around starting today at Texas Motor Speedway. One of those that jumps out at me would be Kyle Bush. It’s true, he has a lot of wins at the Texas track but Richard Childress Racing has just not had much speed or racing luck so far. Kyle has been relatively patient so far but is beginning to show signs of being weary with their lack of speed and accomplishment.

Between lack of having fast enough racecars and bad racing luck, he and his team need a good performance at Texas if for no other reason than to get a little confidence back. Unfortunately, the weekend hasn’t started out very well since he spun and backed himself into the wall in practice. That’s just not the way to start a race weekend no matter how you look at it, especially at a track like Texas Motor Speedway.

Ok, so I’ve left out a lot of drivers and teams in this but, it is important to ask who will come out on top when this one is over this evening. Will it be one of the two starting on the front row? Will it be someone in the top ten or top twenty starters or will it be someone totally unexpected? Well, that my friends is a very good question and I have to admit – as I did last weekend – I’m definitely a little biased in one direction and I’m pulling for one of the two starting on the front row.

I guess you can guess which one, huh?

Hey, this is Russ and that’s my view… See ya next time…
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By Rusty Norman

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