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Cup Teams Take It To Atlanta   

From a NASCAR Fan’s View

Okay, Daytona is in the rear view and Atlanta is here. Funny that the front row looks almost the same as it did last weekend except for the Fords of Joey Logano and Michael McDowell switching places. I can’t help but wonder if the result will be the same as it was except this week Michael McDowell may have the dominant car. The reason I say that is because in Daytona Joey sat on the pole and pretty much could move about at will in the field. Of course we all know what happened with around ten to go.

Last week, I thought the Toyotas would make a better showing than they did. Instead, the Fords seemed to have the advantage. The Chevys played a better game when it came to strategy and pitting though and when it came down to the final lap – with the help of another caution at the white flag – two Hendrick Chevys ended up first and second.

So, what is the story for Atlanta? Will the Fords dominate? Will the Toyotas finally begin to show their strength? Well, from this fan’s view, I just don’t know.

Atlanta is a tricky place. In reality it is a Super Speedway in the way it drives but it is mile shorter than Daytona. that may not seem like much of a difference but, if you ask the drivers, they’ll tell you it is a difference and some may even say it is a big difference. The draft will still have an effect and two and three wide racing will still happen. I believe there will often be times of up against the wall, single file racing also. Of course, that would be nothing new for racing at Atlanta.

I have to be honest. As a fan, I have my favorites and I have those that I don’t consider to be favorites. I won’t mention any names of my not-so-favorite drivers just yet but, trust me, I am like every other NASCAR fan. I have drivers I would rather not see in Victory Lane. I have what I consider to be good reasons for my lack of placing them on my favorites list and those are likely the very same reasons others put them on their favorites list.

If you’ve been following this “Fan’s View” for very long, I am sure you already know which ones I’m talking about. If not, well… I’m sure it will become obvious over time which ones are which. Admittedly, I have been a fan for a long time and there are those I have changed my opinion of over time. Maybe I changed or, just maybe they matured and changed the things that originally turned me against them as a possible fan. What ever the case, it is sometimes easier just to ignore them and their accomplishments and be just the slightest bit disappointed when they achieve the victory over “my favorites.”

Now that I’ve said all that, I have to say I would like to see the Chevys do the same thing this weekend that they did last weekend. Yeah, it might be a stretch to think they could pull off the same feat two weeks in a row but I have to admit, I’m a Chevy fan. I want to see them win and, although I am in particular a Hendrick fan, I like other Chevy teams also. The RCR teams and Trackhouse Racing Team come to mind. Ross Chastain is from Alva, FL. That is about 30 miles or so from where I live so it is hard for me not to be a fan. Actually, I like the whole mentality of Trackhouse Racing. They aren’t in NASCAR to just be also rans. They came to be a force to be reckoned with and it proves out every weekend. They are aggressive – sometimes overly aggressive – but still they are in it to win.

Maybe, just maybe the Chevys will have what it takes to win this afternoon just like last weekend. After all, William Byron has won two of the last four races at Atlanta. Atlanta is like a home track to Chase Elliott so it is hard to not expect him to want to do well in front of the “home crowd.” This could even be the race where Alex Bowman breaks into the win column. He did finish second at Daytona and almost won.

Since I’m being very straightforward this weekend, I have to say of all the competitors in any of the makes, whether it be Ford, Toyota or Chevy, I would really like to see Kyle Larson win at a Super Speedway. He hasn’t had the greatest of luck at any of the Super Speedways and I would really like to see him get his first win at Atlanta. He did show some speed in qualifying and I only hope he and his team can make all the right choices with their strategies and put him out front at the right time. I know that makes me a little biased but, who knows, Atlanta just might be the place he breaks the barrier and wins…

Hey, this is Russ and that’s my view… See ya next time…
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By Rusty Norman

Amateur writer, NASCAR Fan, musician and former local Stock Car racer.