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The 2024 Daytona 500   

From a NASCAR Fan’s View

There’s nothing like a rain delay to ruin plans for a big event. This year’s Daytona 500 is happening a day later and it will not have all of the luster of the way the event was supposed to happen. Oh sure, it will still have some of it but, it will lose something in starting a day later. I’m not saying the stands will be empty and I’m not saying they will be full. There will still be a lot of people there but there will be something missing. Because of the way dates are planned and the way tickets are purchased in advance, some people won’t be able to stay for the race and will have already left or will be leaving by the time this one starts. Oh well, I guess they will be able to watch it on TV or listen to it on the radio as they travel away from the excitement of actually being there…

Oh heck! What am I saying?!? This is Daytona and it is, after all, President’s Day and a lot of people will be off work so they will be able to be in the stands at the race and even more should be able to watch “The Great American Race” live on TV and listen on radio. So much for any drawbacks to a rain delayed race. Besides, anyone that can and will stay around will be treated to two big races on the same day.

One thing that stands out to this fan as the teams take to the track this afternoon is the possibility that the Toyotas could dominate the show. Since both the Fords and the Toyotas have new body styles and, at first glance of the results, it looks like it helped the Toyotas. Now, obviously, we can’t tell a lot by what we have watched transpire on the track so far but, it did appear they had at least a slight advantage over the other two makes. It could be that the Fords will make a better showing during the race today but, at the moment from this fan’s view, it looks the obvious advantage goes to the Toyotas.

So… what about the Chevys?

Well, that’s the question on my mind, too. They did have their bright moments in the Duels and it is possible they could pull off some surprises as the race progresses. I’m just not sure they won’t struggle a bit. Well, that is at least at the start and until a stop or two in the pits.

I find it interesting that the Hendrick Chevys appear to be doing things a little different this 500. Usually one or two of them start on the front row but it appears those spots are taken by other teams this season. Should they be worried? I don’t really think so. Kyle Larson looked very strong in Duel 1 and, if he hadn’t been forced out of the way, would have likely come away with the victory. That’s where the questions come in, at least from this fan’s view. When Tyler Reddick made his run on the last lap of Duel 1, it looked like he was in a different gear than the rest.

Could that have been because of the new Toyota body style? I guess it could be. Or maybe, just maybe, it was just because Larson got loose and didn’t want to have move to a backup car. Reddick was very aggressive on his move to the lead and it could be Larson wasn’t willing to press the issue with him. I know that doesn’t sound like a Kyle Larson kind of thing, but he did manage to not wreck even though it may not be a usual things for him. Usually he is all out all the time. Maybe this will be his year to win the Daytona 500 because of a different approach and maybe not. I guess we will know the answer to that question after about 500 miles at Daytona.

It does appear that the Joe Gibbs Toyotas have the strongest looking cars going into today’s race but, this is the Daytona 500 and, as we all know, the winner isn’t declared until the checkered flag drops…

Hey, this is Russ and that’s my view… See ya next time…
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By Rusty Norman

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