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Cup Teams Take On Pocono

From a NASCAR Fan’s View


Once again, it’s time for the Cup Teams to take on the Tricky Triangle at Pocono. Though it is a different style track, it is still a track that challenges even the most experienced drivers in Cup. One reason for the challenge is the shape of the track and the reason it is called “the Tricky Triangle,” is because of its shape. I don’t have to tell you this because I’m sure you all know but, it is pretty much the shape of a triangle with rounded corners. I do have to sort of agree with Brad Keselowski though. It should have more turns than just three.

I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the track at Pocono. If you’ve been around NASCAR for any time at all, you know all the reasoning behind its nickname and the way they number the turns. They only count the three corners as one turn each. However, I have always wondered why they do it the way they do. At just about any other track in NASCAR, they count each corner as a turn. That’s why, even on an oval, they have turns one and two and then three and four. That’s why I’ve always thought they should count each turn the same way they do elsewhere and, at least from my view, there should end up being six turns. Of course, I realize why Brad says there are only five and I don’t totally disagree with his view but, we do see it a little differently.

Since I do disagree, let me explain my view of his count and mine.

From his view, he counts turn three as a single turn probably because it is such a small radius (and believe me, I don’t claim to read his mind.) I can understand that but, all things considered and compared to most every other track, there is usually an entry and an exit to a turn. That is why I count the way I do. Turn three is the entry and what I count as turn four, is the exit. I’m not the only one that thinks this way because I’ve heard other drivers talk differently about the turns than the accepted count of three. They also count six turns and that’s the way they talk about them to their crew chiefs and spotters. (I know this goes against the marketing strategy for the Tricky Triangle but it is a valid point. Of course, I really don’t think it matters much at all to anyone but I did want to express my opinion of the turn count anyway.

So, the big talking points these days appear to center around how many winners there will be before the cutoff after Daytona. Since there are already fourteen different winners in the books, it could be that even those that have already won a race may not make it to the playoffs. It all depends on how many wins and points they have. If they won early in the season but haven’t performed all that well since their win, they could be on shaky ground. If there are two more winners in these next six races, there will be no drivers that point their way in. If there are more than two more different winners by playoff time, then points figure back into the mix again. From the look of things, there are definitely a couple of drivers and teams on very shaky ground and they my not make the playoffs.

Of all the possibilities, I can’t help but wonder what the rest of this season will be like especially with all the drama that can still take place. Sure, there are some that are comfortable with where they are and they really don’t have to worry about whether or not they will make the playoffs. What they do have to be concerned about is whether or not they have all their ducks in a row to advance as far as the final four and run for the actual championship. To have one or more wins and stage points to draw on for the playoffs and still get booted out in the first round and never even come close to running for the championship is a hard pill to swallow.

You may or may not be wondering why I’ve spent so much time talking about the track and other items instead of talking about the drivers and the possibilities for them this weekend. To be honest, there just isn’t a whole lot to say that’s new and important this weekend. What is important is race day and how things pan out during the race. Over the last several weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the Chevys, the Fords and the Toyotas. Of all the things happening in NASCAR this weekend, there just aren’t that many things as important as what happens as the race progresses. The questions raised are about whether or not there will be problems with the tires or the brakes which are things talked about every week. Another big conversation point is whether or not Kyle Bush will be back with JGR next season and that question is still unanswered.

I think this weekend it is more important to just watch the race and see how it turns out and whether or not the playoff picture changes a little or a lot…

Hey, this is Russ and that’s my view… See ya next time…
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By Rusty Norman

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