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Who Will Be The Champ When Phoenix Is Done

from a NASCAR Fan’s View


Unlike so many other things in this year of strangeness, we will know the 2020 NASCAR Cup Champ when the race at Phoenix this weekend is done. Can’t say that about a lot of things with such certainty but, this is one that will be known. The problem at the time of this writing is that they have to run the race BEFORE we will know.

2020 has been a year of adapting. It has been a year of, “business not as usual” and trying to make things work even with a bunch of guidelines that had to be followed to the letter or there may be a price to pay. Somehow, NASCAR managed to stick their neck out and try things that hadn’t been tried before – at least not in NASCAR – and even though there are no fans in the stands or, at least very few, the season has progressed to this final weekend of racing for the Cup Championship. In doing so, they led the way for sports to continue even though it was, and is, a slow process. I’m not saying they did everything correctly but they did manage to pull off this season in spite of everything.

So, the question on everyone’s mind is, “Which of the Final four will end up as the Champion?” Any one of the drivers entered in the race can win the race but, which of the Final Four drivers will walk away as the Champion? We all understand that this is one of those weekends where there could be two winners. One could be the winner of the race and the other could be the winner over the other three for the 2020 Cup Championship.

There are many that think Kevin Harvick is the heavy favorite to win the race but, he isn’t in the Final Four. Many expressed their displeasure with the fact he isn’t in the Final Four even though he had the most wins this season. They seem to think there should be some kind of provisional start for him because of his performance throughout the season. Unfortunately, he had a great year but they struggled in the last three weekends of the playoffs and that killed his ability to compete for the Championship. Like it or not, that is the way the season and the playoffs are set up and all involved agreed to those rules and the way the process of elimination works. As Kevin Harvick stated in a post-race interview, at the end of the year, the Championship is won (basically) three weeks at a time. He then admitted their last three races were not good.

As a fan, I have favorites and not-so-favorites in the Final Four and really have no idea which of them might win the 2020 Championship. Performance is one of the keys to their chances but there is also that other important phrase, “Make No Mistakes.”

Without a doubt, it goes without saying they are all going to have to perform. All of them have made mistakes coming up to this weekend BUT, they can’t afford any mistakes this weekend if they want to be the 2020 Cup Champion. This is not a long race and even one mistake in the pits or on the track could be the one thing that kills any chance of being the Champ.

I have heard many say they think the Penske cars have the advantage for this one. Even though Joey Logano hasn’t really had such a stellar season, he has had success at this track before and has had two more weeks to prepare for running in this one than the rest. Of course, I know that doesn’t necessarily mean much when it comes to the race but, it could make a difference for him like it did a couple of years ago. (I just offer that up as a possibility, not a definite.)

Brad Keselowski had a dominating race at Richmond and said he wanted to use the same car at Phoenix. From this fan’s view, that could give him and advantage although that won’t be know for sure until the green flag drops for the start of the race. With him being that confident, it makes me wonder if that may not be an advantage in itself. Personally, I think it will but thinking and doing are two different things and, with the year being what it has been, anything could happen (and probably will.)

The one I am least sure about is Denny Hamlin. Although Denny has had an extremely good year, they have struggled a bit here at the end of the season. As we all know, he was one point ahead of Kevin Harvick and it was right down to the final turn before he knew he had made it to the Final Four. They did have some mistakes and have had some mistakes so that makes me think it is possible he could beat himself when it comes right down to it. Unfortunately, he has done it in the past but, that is in the past. This year he seems quite a bit more confident and he and his team know they have to be as mistake free as humanly possible on Sunday. He has also had success at this track and that could help make him the 2020 Cup Champ when this one is over.

Chase Elliott has shown he can handle the pressure and face adversity when it comes their way at the number nine team. Although they have had some miscues and mistakes over the last few races, they have always seemed to overcome them. Chase has proven himself to be able to handle what ever comes his way and has had some pretty impressive wins when it comes to race day. This is his first trip to the finale but I don’t think that’s going to be a detriment to his chances of getting his first Cup Championship. I think it will more likely be whether or not Allen gives him the car he needs to run ahead of the other three. So far, he has made a lot of good decisions and has left it in the hands of the driver for all the rest. Some think Chase shouldn’t even be in the Final Four but it just goes to show how prepared even the pit crew is for this possible Championship run.

I don’t know who the Champion will be when this one is in the books but I do know we will all know when the race is over. It will likely also be the winner of the race but that isn’t a definite either. After all, this is the year 2020 and anything that can happen, probably will…

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By Rusty Norman

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