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On To Atlanta With No Practice Or Qualifying from a NASCAR Fan’s View


The NASCAR Cup teams are taking it to Atlanta this weekend and, once again, they’re doing it without practice or qualifying. As I said recently, it looks like NASCAR might be finding a way to change the way they do racing, at least in the near future. The reason I say that is because it doesn’t seem to affect the racing in any negative way without those things. Of course, we all know that this is a very different time but, I think it is plausible for NASCAR to continue doing what they’re doing without practice and qualifying and still continue to have good racing. I seriously doubt they’ll take any of my advice about that but for the present, it seems this is working out very well and, at least from this fans view, the racing seems to be a little better(?) And more intense. Well, I’m not so sure that everyone feels the way I do about it but it has been interesting.

Of course, we really need people in the stands so that when the drivers do something like win or make a good move or just get out and mix it up with somebody, the fans can give them their uproarious support either for or against. it’s pretty obvious to this fan that it does affect the drivers without having the fan reaction when they climb out of the car for whatever reason, especially after they’ve won. I would say it has taken a little bit of getting used to.

If I could reflect on the days when I used to race, I remember that it was really great to have that fan reaction after a hard-fought battle with someone for the win. I even remember having an accident like being put in the wall or rolling over are numerous times on the front straightaway in front of the stands and hearing their reaction. Somehow it makes it a little easier to take when you climb out of the car and everybody yells and cheers because they know you’re OK. (Trust me, I’ve been there both ways…)

Before I talk about this weekend’s race at Atlanta come I would like to make a short comment on what happened between Joey Logano and Chase Elliott near the end of the race last weekend at Bristol. I really didn’t see it the way that several did and I don’t know if it’s because I was able to watch the camera shots or because I just saw it differently. It seems that Joey Logano thought Chase Elliott got him loose by giving him a nudge after Denny Hamlin got into the loose stuff and gave the lead away to Joey Logano. From my view, it appears that Chase might have taken the air off of Logano’s spoiler and that’s what caused Joey to lose traction and slide up as Denny Hamlin had just before him.

Shortly after that the caution came out and as the cameras followed Elliot in Logano I think down the back street, Logano got into Elliott’s bumper and gave him a good long hard push, appearing to let him know that he wasn’t happy with him pushing him up and towards the wall. Since I don’t think that’s what happened it is possible that Chase had a little bit of a temper resurgence and that’s why he drove so hard into the turn after the restart even though it was pretty obvious he was trying to win the race and definitely over drove it.

What struck me is more than a little humorous, was how upset Joey Logano was that Chase had done that to him – driven into the turn so hard as to take them both out – as though he had never done that to someone else in the past. It appears that all he really wanted was an apology in for Chase to man up. Funny, it seems I recall times when Joey didn’t do that himself.

Oh well, enough of that…

The race this weekend in Atlanta should prove to be very interesting and there are several that could end up in Victory Lane. We talk about people that have won there numerous times or several times before, they’re the ones that are likely to win again. Well, at least that’s what we’re told. However, I think the Chevy just might win this one. I know there are several others that could win whether it be in a Toyota or Ford. I just think that this could be where Jimmy Johnson actually gets over his100 race losing streak. No I’m not saying that he will because chase Elliott has been running strong too along with teammate William Byron and Alex Bowman. Those four right there are probably the biggest reason that I suspect or at least am expecting a Chevy will end up in Victory Lane. Now, I could be wrong and that wouldn’t be anything new but don’t be surprised if it happens Just the way I say.

I do admit that Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch and Ryan Blaney all have a chance and there is also a good chance Martin Truex Jr. could pull off the victory. I can’t tell you how much I hope that Joey Logano doesn’t win, (it’s a personal thing with me), but unfortunately, he is a possible winner also. Of course. there’s always that guy named Brad Keselowski (and you already know how his luck has been running.)

The thing about this race in Atlanta is that the track is pretty well worn out, there are multiple grooves the drivers can run in, and strategy is going to play a very strategic part in this one. The fuel mileage is going to be much further than the tire mileage and that should make things interesting. Who knows, someone completely unexpected could win this one and it wouldn’t surprise any of us, would it?

See ya next time…
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By Rusty Norman

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