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Another Saturday Night Under The Lights At Kentucky from a NASCAR Fan’s View




What is it about Saturday night racing? What makes it different and some would say “special” than just another race in NASCAR? Well, from this fan’s view, there are several reasons but none that any race fan hasn’t heard before. The Quaker State 400 at the Kentucky Speedway should be another one of those special Saturday nights under the lights. Well… at least that’s the way this fan looks at it…

There are a lot of Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series fans that either used to race or still do and Saturday night was – or is – the night many took or take their cars and families to the track to enjoy their favorite past time, race against their competitors and hopefully win more than a few races on a regular basis. In fact, it was – and still is – the night that many people other than just drivers go out to their favorite race track to watch the races.

I know many of you have done the same thing and probably still do when you can. I know I spent many a Saturday night at the races since I was around five years old. (Wow! that was a long time ago.) Those Saturday nights are still some of my fondest memories and times don’t think I’ll ever forget. Between the years I spent just watching and those I spent racing, Saturday nights “under the lights” were the best.

So… what will it be like at Kentucky Speedway tonight? (Well, that’s a good question and I ‘m so glad you asked it…) It should be the usual intense, hard racing that usually takes place in a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race. Although last year, Martin Trues Jr. pretty much dominated the race, this year may be a different story. Sure, I know he won the pole and looks to be fast once again this year but, we all know nothing is ever definite in NASCAR until the final checkered flag drops. Anything can happen in 400 miles and, when it comes to NASCAR, it very likely will. Now that doesn’t mean it will happen to him and keep him from a repeat performance but, it means something could happen to keep him from having a really good night or that repeat performance.

Something else that might make tonight’s race interesting is that there may be a minor feud brewing between Kyle Bush and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Kyle hasn’t wasn’t happy with Stenhouse’s driving at Daytona last weekend and has already made a few statements of how he feels. Personally, from this fan’s view, I really can’t disagree with Kyle’s assessment of Ricky’s driving last weekend. Some would say he was reckless and others say he was overly aggressive, but one thing is certain… His actions on the track did take out about half the field over the course of the night. Many possible contenders were all part of the “Big Ones” caused by his actions and, as is usually the case, he finished better than most even though he also had a rough night.

Because of statements made by Kyle at a media center interview, Ricky took offense at what he said and sort of made it plain Kyle may have to pay close attention if and when they have to race each other in close quarters during tonight’s race. Now I’m not saying he made any threats of what actions – if any – he might take but he did make it known he wasn’t happy with Kyle’s attitude. From this fan’s view, that just might be something making the race even more worth watching if Martin Truex Jr. – or anyone else for that matter – dominates the race and makes it a race for second place for all the rest.

As a fan, I really hate to keep beating the same old drum, but, the Fords and Toyotas look pretty tough for tonight’s Quaker State 400 (presented by Walmart) and the Chevys once again look to be struggling a bit for speed. Now, I’m not saying they won’t make a good showing by the end of tonight’s race, but they haven’t done all that well so far this season and the mile and a half tracks seem to make that point even more obvious.

As someone that raced Chevys when I was racing and owns and still drives Chevys to this day, I long for the days that Chevys are the ones to beat again. Since they made the move to the new Camaro, it has been tough to watch them struggle but I also know that hardly anything stays the same in NASCAR and I’m just as sure the Chevys will begin finding Victory Lane again, and probably sooner than later. Who knows… it could be tonight…

See ya next time…
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By Rusty Norman

Amateur writer, NASCAR Fan, musician and former local Stock Car racer.