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Cup Teams Taking On Atlanta from a NASCAR Fan’s View


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The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup teams take on Atlanta Motor Speedway in The Folds of Honor/QuikTrip 500 on Sunday afternoon and once again, it should prove to be very interesting. One thing that should make it interesting is the surface of the track being so old, fast and slippery. It is also tricky and success can somewhat depend on when, where and how you handle entering certain areas of the track. Ask anyone… the track is definitely in need of resurfacing. The drivers like it the way it is and begged them not to so the resurfacing was put on hold, for now anyway.

The races at Atlanta Motor Speedway are generally very interesting and they try a driver’s patience. I expect this one to be no different. After all it is 500 miles of relentless speed, slipping and sliding until it is over. Tempers may flare a bit at times and some may end up with torn up race cars simply because of how challenging the track can be.

Now that I’ve said that, I have to reflect on Daytona for a minute or so. As I mentioned last week, I really was hoping a Chevy would win it. I’m just not so sure I liked the way it was won. We all watched as Austin Dillon put the bumper to Aric Almirola to win last week’s Daytona 500 on the last lap. From this fan’s view (and many others I’ve heard talk about it also) it looks like the new norm is passing with the bumper. Some think that’s a good thing and others, well… let’s just say they think differently.

In my opinion, (which I am not afraid to express), I do think it could have been handled slightly differently even though many think it was just fine. Many have expressed their opinion that if the roles were reversed, Aric would have done the same thing. Personally I’m not so sure about that but I definitely think it could happen in the future since I know “drivers never forget, they just get even…”

Look, everyone is happy Austin won his first Daytona 500 and many are even happier that he did in his grandfather Richard Childress’ car. Even better for some is that he did it in the #3 formally driven by Dale Earnhardt senior. Because it was in the Intimidator’s old car number and owner, it does appear to this fan that people are more accepting of it than if someone had put Austin into the wall to win.

You see, that makes me wonder what it would have been like had it been someone like Joey Logano or Denny Hamlin putting someone into the wall to win. I can’t help but wonder that there would have been a lot less acceptance of the move than the way it turned out last week. Hey, I’m just saying I’m not passing judgement on any one at all. I’m just wondering, that’s all. I do think it could lead to other instances like what we’ve witnessed more than once over the last several years. Has anyone really forgotten, “Have at it boys…?”

Oh well, enough on that subject for now; it’s water over the dam and time will tell I guess – but back to the race at hand…

I’m anxious to see if there are any carry-overs from some of the run-ins last weekend at Daytona. Most of what happened was due to it being a restrictor plate race and all of the blocking and drafting that goes along with that. I did notice that one of the concerns expressed last week came to pass. It was about how cars closed in on someone’s bumper with a good run and then moved off the rear to the left quarter panel, causing that car to spin to the right and generally into the wall. Does anyone think we’ll see more of that this weekend? Well that’s another thing we’ll just have to have a wait and see attitude about I reckon.

The Folds of Honor/QuikTrip 500 will be another test of the new Chevys against the Camrys and the old Fords. Last year the Chevys seemed to falter in the last part of the season with just a few exceptions and the Fords and the New Camrys of last season did seem to have an advantage over them. This year however, the new Chevy Camaro looks to be more competitive and Atlanta should show us even more. It is a tough track anyway and I can’t wait to see how the race goes…

See ya next time…
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By Rusty Norman

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