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Adapting to the New Qualifying Rules at Phoenix


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The NASCAR Cup Teams have some new challenges ahead of them at Phoenix this weekend and one of the biggest will be the way they qualify for Sunday’s Sprint Cup race. We all know the cars have a new rules package but the qualifying will be a brand-new experience for the cup drivers and fans and it remains to be seen how it will all pan out. I’ve listened to many of the drivers and crew chiefs express their opinions on how they think it will be and, if it goes anywhere near the way they think it will, it should prove to be a very interesting time.

As a fan, I look forward to the new qualifying procedure in two ways. First of all, it sounds interesting but it is also complicated and I’m still trying to figure it out in my own mind. Second, the drivers and crew chiefs think is going to prove to be interesting and they expect to have many different strategies to accomplish a good starting spot. However, it does raise the question as to how many cars are entered and how many cars will actually fit on the track safely. Well, at least that’s how this fan views it.

Apparently, this will leave room for tempers to flare as some drivers may think that other drivers are interfering with their ability to run good laps and it could carry over into – (how shall I say this?) – “heated” discussions when they return to the pits or garage area. For some fans, I’m sure that will be a welcome change and a possibly what might be considered a mild return to the older days of NASCAR. For others, well… let’s just say they might find it more than a little upsetting and some may even think it a little childish. From this fan’s view I say, “Have at it, boys.” (And, No, I haven’t forgotten that Danica is one of the drivers, too, but you know what I mean.)

Now I’m not really one that likes changes, especially in NASCAR but, I’m willing to give this a chance and see how it works. We know it works in other modes or types of racing and apparently many want more excitement during qualifying which might in turn get more fan involvement during the qualifying for the race and the pit selections. At any rate, it remains to be seen how the change to qualifying will affect the lineup for the race and the selection of pit stalls. As we all know, that selection can make a gigantic difference during the course of a race.

Well I’m not willing to stick my neck out too much further and make any rash statements about what may happen in the qualifying session late this afternoon but, I will be watching the qualifying session if for no other reason than to see exactly how the qualifying goes and whether or not the tempers flare up before all is said and done. Who knows, NASCAR may have opened a new can of worms for themselves or, they may have found a way to make something that can be relatively humdrum at times, exciting…

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By Rusty Norman

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