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Martinsville No Disappointment – Afterthoughts from a NASCAR fan’s view


Well, Martinsville was no disappointment and it was one of the better short track races I’ve seen in recent times. No, it’s not because Jeff Gordon got his eighth win at the short track and his eighty-eighth Cup win. It is because the drivers were all up on the wheel for most of the race and it was just a plain intense afternoon of racing. There appeared to be more than the usual amount of beating, banging and bumping going on all afternoon and there was no lack of hot tempers when it was all over.

Another reason is because it made the Chase for the NASCAR Cup Championship all the more interesting. Even though it still appears to be a two man race, none of the top five are throwing in the towel just yet. Even though Jeff Gordon, Kyle Bush and Kevin Harvick have been doing all they can to move up into the battle at the top, both Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth have also been doing what they need to do to stay on top.

Sure, the others are closing on them a little but, for any of the others to make major headway in the points to Johnson and Kenseth is for those two to have problems in a race or two and have them in a big way. Believe me, I do not wish them any ill will at all but I would like to see the points race shape up to a four or five man battle entering into the Homestead race to end the season.

There are those that think I’m just a dreamer and maybe they’re right but, before The Chase began back in September, no one thought Jeff Gordon would even be in the Chase. Then he was allowed in and now he is a contender for winning the Championship, sitting third in the points. (No, I didn’t miss the fact that Gordon is only one point ahead of Kevin Harvick in the points standings. I also didn’t miss the fact that he jumped two places today to get where he is…)

Could there be anything more dramatic than him taking it all the way for his fifth Cup Championship???

Look… we all know the odds are against him and it probably won’t happen but wouldn’t it be a great way to finish a very good year in NASCAR? It is this fan’s hope the points continue to tighten up and there are at least five possible winners of the NASCAR Cup Championship just a few points apart entering into Homestead.

If it does happen that way, well… you know my answer to that…

See you next time…
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By Rusty Norman

Amateur writer, NASCAR Fan, musician and former local Stock Car racer.